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Our Services

 Wellness Exams

New pets should always have a wellness exam to ensure that you've adopted a healthy pet. If we notice any potential problems with your pet, you'll be aware of what they may need in the future to stay well. In fact, all pets need an annual wellness exam to make sure they're staying as healthy as possible. Our clinic provides all vaccinations and dental care for all your pets.

Surgery and Illness Care

When your pet is sick or injured, Stringer Animal Clinic is here for you.

We can perform lab tests to check for general health, thyroid issues, heartworms, leukemia, parvo, and provide treatment for these ailments and others based on our findings. And because we have an in-house lab, we can provide a diagnosis more quickly, and get your pet back on the road to health faster.

We spay and neuter pets, as well as perform surgery to address illness or injury when needed.


When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, we offer a compassionate and caring euthanasia to help your pet to pass with dignity and comfort.  We also offer burial and cremation services at our clinic.


Clean teeth are are as important to dogs and cats as to people.  Cavities cause not only bad breath, but lead to gum disease and other infections. We recommend an annual cleaning for all adult pets.

Prescription Food

Prescription pet foods are specially formulated to address your pet’s health issues.  Nutrient levels can be adjusted to treat or control medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney, liver, or heart disease. Fiber levels, protein, phosphorus, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients are also addressed in prescription foods.


Our doctors can advise you as to what types of special dietary changes can help your pet's health.Micro chipping

Why microchip your pets? Unlike dog tags or collars, microchips can't be removed or fall off.  If your pet does get lost or stolen, a shelter or a veterinary clinic can use a scanner to read the digital number on the chip, which makes for a positive identification of your pet.

This permanent method of identifying your cat or dog is about the size of a grain of rice. It's injected under the loose skin on the back of the pet's neck and the procedure causes no more discomfort than a vaccination. Micro chipping has proven itself as a dependable way to offer valuable protection for your pet and help return them to your home.

Boarding Services

Your pets are part of your family, but sometimes circumstances dictate that you be apart. Leaving them can be heart-wrenching, but when you know they’ll be loved and well-treated in your absence, it’s a great deal easier.

We’ll treat your best pals like they’re our own, and we’ll even treat them to a complementary bath before you take them home.

To arrange boarding, or to ask questions, please call our office.